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A good web designer should be able to gather research information needed to produce the best website possible. The client depends on the designer to produce a website they owner will be excited about and proud to show off on the World Wide Web.

While the website is being constructed the website designer should gather as much information about the company as possible with the goal of giving the website as much oomph as possible.

Like an architect, the designer of a website will need to construct blueprints before the building stage begins. He or she should be thinking and eventually create a website plan the same way an architect does when building a house. Having a blueprint of your website will save you lots of time and money in the long run.

The blue print should include the exact information a visitor to the website will find when they arrive on each web page like the title of each page, the links related to the website, the content or text that will be found on the web pages and how they are all constructed and placed on the page.

This is the opportunity for the web builder to work out all of the possible issues that could be found during the building stage.

The web designer also gets an opportunity to get the functionality of the website right as well during the blueprint stage. How will the links and web pages work together? Will the links open web pages as new pages or with the website?

Will the visitors to the website find the exact information they’re searching for? If not, your website is wasting that visitor’s time. All of these elements are extremely important factors when building websites.

How will the website function work interactively? Will the links light up as you pass the mouse over them? Will you be able to subscribe to a newsletter? Do the images on the pages become larger when you click on them? Many questions should be answered in the beginning to have better success.

Finally, the web designer should be looking forward to see what kind of problems he or she might incur after the website has been built and now online.

Finding problems usually requires someone test the website from a spectator point of view. That means getting people you know to test it and give make comments on the functionality of the website. Find out if the user finds it difficult to maneuver around the website.
Can you view the website on all monitors sizes correctly; Mac and PC?

Do the links on all web pages work correctly and can you find anything on the website that could cause visitors to get upset about with functionality of the website?

In conclusion, here are five hot tips a web designer should use when building websites.

1. Good eye for Colors and design that fit the project and client.

2. Able to think and build logically the way the audience will be pleased

3. Able to build functionally into the website for the visitors

4. Able to build the website interactively for the visitors

5. Able to anticipate problems aft eth website is built

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