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is possibly one of the biggest barriers stopping people from building a website. When someone asks me the question, "how do I build a website", I think of the many ways to make it happen. A lot of variables are involved with building websites.

Here are just a few of the questions that get fired at me all the time. How do you build a website? How much does it cost to build a website? How long does it take to build a website? Can you build a website for me?

I usually turn down requests to build a websites for others because I really enjoy building them for me more than anything. It's pure fun and a great way to escape as I build. I'm pretty much a geek and loving it.

Building websites take a lot of time and effort and when you start doing cost analysis, most people have second thoughts whether they really want to build a site. That should never stop you from getting your dream website built.

There are so many avenues and website tools you can use to build your own website. Some are even free. Plus, there are ways to outsource your website so you never have to touch the keyboard.

Before you build a website you must know what it's going to be about. That means you should create a website plan before you build a website. Making a plan before you begin is almost always overlooked and is an extremely important factor to help avoid problems down the line. What is you site all about?

What style of website should be next on the list: wedding website, a personal website, ecommerce website, business website, blog website? I could go on but it must be worked out before you begin.

The website tool you use for this task is your brain for brainstorming. Once you have determined what kind of website you want, you can move to the way you want to build your website. What type of software will you choose to build? Dreamweaver is at the top of the list of website tools around.

Many companies have proprietary software, which simple means they created their own software inside the company and they own it.

That means you don't have to buy Dreamweaver which can be very expensive depending your budget. A couple of proprietary software companies are, site sell, xsite and a bunch more. If you don't have the technical skills and you don't want to learn Dreamweaver, proprietary software is the way to go.

The third option is outsource web design. There are many companies that are willing to build your website for you and won't charge much. There a ready made websites and even website templates you can take and modify to your liking.

There are even free website building tools which I do not recommend unless you're just practicing to learn. There's usually a catch with most companies that offer free website building tools that will only frustrate you down the line.

My favorite free option is WordPress for blogs. It's a open source system (meaning a lot of people contribute to building the software for free. Some WordPress Themes are for sale but the majority are free.

WordPress gives you the opportunity to learn how to build websites for free and it's not complicated at all. You'll find discussion groups when you need help. If you've chosen the type of website you want and you've decided to outsource the building of it, be sure to visit

at you can hold a contest with competing designers that will build your site the way they think you want it. At the end of the contest you pay the winner and your files are release from escrow.

You can do make all of the changes you want because you own the website. There are a ton of designers standing by waiting to take a shot at building your website for you.

If you discover you have a bit of technical skills you can always buy and download a website template and modify it as well. With all of the tools that you can use to build a website you'll have better success if you follow these step

My 5 Top website tools and principals to help build a website you love.

1. Create a website plan before you create a website.

2. What type of website | What type of software.

3. Outsource web design | Build it yourself.

4. Utilize free website building tools.

5. WordPress for blogs.

These webiste tools are suggestion to help you get your website off to a good start and eventually become a website you're proud to show to others.

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