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Web Hosting can really rack your brain because it's tough to decide which company you want to host your website. How do you compare companies and what should you look for to help you decide?  My Hot Tips will show you what to look for when choosing a company to store your very important website files.

When we think of hosting we usually think of because they figured out how to market their products with risqué ads and scantily clad women. They realized there is a sea of web hosting companies wanting your business and only a few ways to get ahead of the competition. They want consumers to remember their name.'s biggest representative is none other than the sexy Danica Patrick, Race car Driving Beauty. The truth of the matter is Godaddy actually offers excellent service. They host all of my websites and the service is always great.

I can call Godaddy 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Someone will always pick up and offer me help in a nice way.

They don’t really need scantily clad models to tell us how good they are. They only need them to get us to remember who they are and to stand out from the crowd.

When you think of domain names you think of Godaddy. It's a simple strategy and it works. They start you off with a domain name and they're sure you will eventually need web hosting.

Have you ever heard of any of these web hosting companies? I Power Web, I'm Hosted, Big Commerce, Blue Host, Host Monster,, Network Solutions, Omins, Dot5 Hosting, StarLogic, Green Energy WebHosting, Super Green Hosting, Easy CGI Web Hosting, Nethosting,, ValueWeb,

You probably spotted a few you recognize but there were probably more that you have never heard. All of them can sell you a domain name and web hosting but which one would you choose to host your website? What Do you look for?

I don’t believe there is a top ten list when it comes to web hosting because you have to add customer service to the mix. How would you know about customer service if you've never tried the service?

Customer service and technical support are two of the most important factors to survey when choosing a web hosting company.

If the person who answers the phone is not nice, it rubs off on you and frustration sets in. If you don't fee secure your website will go back up after going down, you might think about moving your files asap.

I put a list of Hot tips for you to use when choosing a web hosting plan. It's important because you're trusting them to store your valuable website files I actually had a company lose all of my files before. I was devastated.

Top 10 Hot Web Hosting Tips for Choosing a Web Hosting Company!

  1. ✓ Complimentary Email: Almost all web hosting companies offer a free e-mail address with a web hosting plan. If they don't you might want to move on the next company. Most companies will still try to sell you more e-mail accounts You won't need it right away unless you have crew of employees that need e-mail accounts. Go with the complimentary e-mail first.

  2. Web Hosting Discounts: Look for web hosting companies that give discounts to use their services. Verisign, the company that handles .com and .net recently raised prices and now the price increase is trickling down to consumers.

  3. 24 Hour Service: Definitely make sure the company you choose offer service seven days a week, 24 hours per day. The worse thing would be to use services that quit on Friday and are back on Monday. Not a good idea.

  4. Band Width: Band width is very important and will determine how fast or slow your web pages open up. If the band width is small, look to have problems with slow web pages. Be sure to ask about getting the best for your website.

  5. Designated Servers: Dedicated servers are also important because web hosting companies are in the business of making money. Your website files are normally commingled with other websites on the same server. Commingling websites could contribute slow opening pages. Having a dedicated server could contribute to faster opening web pages and good website optimization.

  6. Good Customer Service: Customer service is extremely important because you really need it when something goes wrong and frustration sets in. When your website goes down for technical reasons you a professional on the other end of the phone who cares about what's happening with your files.

  7. Easy to Navigate Website: The worst thing is come to the website of the web hosting company and not know how to navigate around the website. Godaddy recently made a change on their front page which make it a little tough navigate and find what you need. I bet that gets changed soon.

  8. Access to Word Press: Word Press is one of the biggest open source website tools to come along in a long time that helps with hosting services. Having Word Press allows you to build your website on a Blog style website if you choose to go that route.

  9. Website Analysis Tools: It's very important to be able to analyze the data that comes to your website to see if the information you share or the product you're selling is getting traffic. Google has one of the best web analysis tools called Google Analytics and can be access by opening up a free Adwords account.

  10. Fewer Down Times: Check to see if the web hosting company you use has few downtimes. It's a tough task but the fewer times their servers are down the longer your website is up and running. The longer your website is down the more sales or business you lose. Do a search for webs hosting companies that have too many down times.


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