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Search Engine Tips are on just about ever website you go to and there are a lot of experts out there. When looking a complexed beast like search you want to ge to the real guru which is Google. They dominate search engine technology ovver all the rest.

So our research will be breaking down what google says about search engines. We just did an interesting experiment you can use anytime you want to know who google has respect for. Google has a button next to their regular search button called I'm feeling lucky. When we put the term " search engin tips" used the I'm feeling lucky button and the site the came up was:

That means google has respect for the content on their website which is why Google is number one in search market. They look for sites that have good content that benefits their customers and it's really that simple. As far as search here are some of the tips Google gives you for free.

All search engines try to give you what you search for when you typ in a term you're looking for. Google takes the steps to make sure what you find is relevant to your search.

Google says every word matters in a search query. They point out that ssearch always case insensitive which means if you type in a term using capital letters it won't effect your search. Search engines see capitals in a universal way and will yield the same search result.

certain unctuations are ignored in search. click here to find a website that did actual research on ignored characters in search engines.
Inored characters are: @#$%^&*()=+[]\ and other special characters.

Other Search Engine Tips are to:

Keep it simple means exactly that. Whatever you're looking for just type itne name in the search engine and wait for the result.

Google says to think how the page you are looking for will be written. In stead of typing in a phrase like it appear in a sentence since search engines don't think like a real person. Don't type in my head hurts. Type in the keyword headace. No matter how smart search engines get due to man programing them, They still only look for keyword phrases.

Describe what you need with as few terms as possible. The more consise you are with the keyword term or phrase you use the better your chances are of finding what you searched for. Adding extra words makes it tougher to find what you're looking for. Fewer keywords covers more ground in a search.

Choose descriptive words.

Choose descriptive words instead of one word querries. One word will cover a broader specturm but a discriptive word is more consise or precise. A good example would be to type the phrase engine instead of search engine tips.

The more unique the word is the more likely you are to get relevant results. Words that are not very descriptive, like 'document,' 'website,' 'company,' or 'info,' are usually not needed.

Keep in mind however, even if the word has the correct meaning but it is not the word most people use, it may not match the pages you need. For example, celebrity ringtones is more descriptive and specific than celebrity sounds.

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