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Keyword Tips | Website Optimization


Keyword Tips and Web Site Optimization

Just about every website you go to that deals with marketing products on the internet talks about the importance of keywords and how to optimized them for a website.

Keywords should always begin with your domain name. You say what if I have my website established for years. Don't every change that. What you have established should stay the same and you should move on to the second step in the list below. Research which we will get to.

If you are just establishing a website for the first time, you should always try to get a keyword domain name. I wrote an article called 5 reasons why keywords should be in domain names which can be found at a ezine articles website.

5 reasons why keywords should be in domain names:
1. It gives search engines the clear intentions of your website.
2. It gives your visitors the clear intentions of your website.
3. It gives you clear intentions of your website.
4. It saves money by purchasing one domain name.
5. It gives you a chance to brand the name of your website.

In order for you to get the right keywords you must do some keyword research. The most popular tool for researching keywords is the Google External Tool. As you know, if you have a Google account you can access it from there.

Google actually wants to help you help yourself and that is awesome if you ask me. When you get to the keyword tool you will be asked to put in a random code to get rid of machines or programs trying to access their system automatically.

Once you are in, your goal to should be to find keywords that fit the scheme/theme of your website and keywords you believe your customers will type in search engines to find you. Years before all of the new technology, you could just stuff your page with keywords and be found almost instantaneously but not anymore.

Your website could be penalized to if you stuff your website pages with keywords. The penalty could lead to having your website not found at all. The reason is to get rid of any kind of unfairness. So don't stuff keywords in your pages. You will pay a penalty.

Use keywords to help describe what your page is about; maybe two to three times on any given page with written text to help explain what the page is about.

The next step would be to realize that there are certain keywords you will not be able to rank for or do better than your competition that get more traffic than you do by using the same keywords you want to use.

Always check to see what your competition is doing to gauge how to still get traffic to your website. the competitions website has probably been in existence for years and it has a lot of good content which google loves. So your work is cut out for you.

Your next best move it so use longtail keywords. They are actually phrases that have your keywords in them. An example would be to make a short sentence like: [keyword tips and tricks] instead of [keywords] hence the name, long tail keywords.

Once you have research your keywords, single and longtail, they should be sprinkled through out your web page to be found.

When this process has been accomplished you have done what is known as optimize your website. It's only part of about 5 to 10 other things you could do to optimize your page. When you optimize your pages you're giving yourself a chance be found by someone conducting a search for your keywords.

In the case of someone who has a domain name that is different from their primary keywords, there's is really nothing you can do but be a great keyword researcher and optimize your pages as well as you can.

When long tailed keywords are dominated by your competition you can drill down further to find related keywords. Google has another great tool for anyone to use for free called the wonder wheel.

Most people miss it but do a search, check the left side of the page and click on more search tools, scroll down and click on the wonder wheel also known as the keyword drill down tool. Use it to your advantage to help optimize your website pages.

My Top 5 Keyword Tips | How to Optimize a Website:

1. Make sure your keyword is in you domain name when possible

2. Research keywords using google external keyword tool

3. Optimize your website using the right amount of keywords.

4. Use long tail keywords if your primary keywords are dominated by the competition.

5. Use Keyword drill down technics to get better results.

These keyword tips only scratch the serface what you can do toe optimize a website but they will surely put you on the right path.

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