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Keyword Tool | Google External Tool


Keyword Tool and Google Adwords

is synonymous because Google has crafted a free tool for keywords that is excellent for researching keywords. It's sometimes called the Google External Keyword Tool because you can use it without having an Adwords account.

When you have an Adwords account, the Google keyword research tool can be conveniently found attached to your account to make researching keywords easy for internet marketers.

Everything we do on the web is based on keywords and if you can master them you can experience success in marketing information and products on the internet.

Most software that help you get more targeted keyword today have added advantages for the serious keyword researcher. When you are asked to pay for keyword software it's usually because you might think the others offer features that can't be found in the Google research tool.

But, if you look deeper into Google's tool you might be surprised at how powerful it is. The next time you open it up, dig a little deeper on the sidebars and see all of the information data gathering tools there are.

If you perform the proper research on other tools you may find something you like or not. They will invariably claim to give you a better competitive edge over your competition. Some of them actually might but I have yet to see it.

For instance, the software for Keyword Spy allows you to the keywords your competition uses and the targeted ads used to drive traffic to their website.

This is great for the marketers using Pay Per Click to get traffic to their website to buy a product. When using Pay Per Click for your marketing strategy, you pay for each time a potential customer clicks on your ad.

Proceed with caution when using Pay Per Click. If don't know what you're doing, you can lose your shirt.

I personally love the Google Adwords tool for researching keywords and have never bought any extra tools. Once you realize the importance of having good content your focus will shift to providing excellent content on your web pages.

Here are just a few of the popular tools to choose from like Keyword spy, Word Tracker which you can try for seven days and then start paying for it. I've heard of another exceptional keyword tool call Keyword Rock star, which also is not free but raved about.

The point is Google makes a great tool that does what all of the other tools can do and it's free so use it before you shell out any money.

When using the Google External Tool, you'll be exposed to five major areas of significance to measure data. The goal will always be to master keywords so you can get the most traffic and win the game.

Top 5 Major Areas to focus on when using the Google External Tool:

1. Keyword Competition indicated by green and white bar
2. Global Monthly Searches which means around the globe
3. Local Monthly Searches which simple means local to your region.
4. Local Search Trends gives you history of a particular keyword
5. Estimated Average CPC or Cost Per Click

These areas should give you sufficient data to learn a great deal about the Google keyword tool your keywords and allow you to plot out a strategy to cash in. If you are advanced any you want to try your hand at Pay Per Click feel free to do so.

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