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How Do I Website | Let Me Count The Ways

One of the most popular questions today is how do I website which translated really means how do I get a website?

When people find out I build website's for myself because I enjoy it, I'm often asked questions like, “how much does a professional website cost?, how much does a flash website cost, how much does a website cost per month, how much does a website cost to run, how much does a website cost to make and finally, how much does a website cost to build?

All the questions indicate they are more serious than the average person looking to get a website built.

It's interesting in this day and age that some big companies still don't have website's to represent them on the web. That will eventually change because businesses are starting to understanding the need of having a website to represent their companies.

Let's face it, everyone searches the web for just about anything you can think of. A lot of businesses are still behind the times and don’t want to make the change but they are actually missing out on possible revenue increases that could help them stay afloat during tough times.

Not having a website to represent your company now days is not smart business.

Without a website your business is missing out on the search and buy market that increases every day. You will see the full benefits when a customer calls you up and says, “Hi, we found you on the web and we want to buy what you’re selling.

To businesses that don’t have a website, I say get one. To those who are in the process of building a website, think about creating a website plan before you begin. Pre planning a website will help you save hours, time and money.

How do I website you ask… The first step is to know what kind of website you need that best represents your company. Then ask a series of questions to flush out what kind of website will get you the results you want.

Are you going to sell products from the site? If so, you’ll need an ecommerce website; which means you need a shopping cart and a way for your customers to receive your products.

Do you only need to tell the world about your business? Then you’ll need a business website and one to two pages will do the trick.

Will you be selling products from home? If so, you can use the website provided by eBay. Even though you’ll be selling from eBay it’s still a good idea to have a website that represents you and your brand.

A branded website tells the world who you are as a person, company or organization. All of these types of website's will need to be SEO 'ed or Search Engine Optimized to get the maxi um benefit of having the site.

You can have a website that gets no traffic and that's website you don't want to have. A website with no traffic is a dead website.

You can hire someone to optimize your website for you or check to see if you have an employee that has the skill of optimizing website's and create a new job title for he or she. Click here for hot tips for optimizing your website for Google.

How do I website? There are so many ways to go but figuring out what kind of website you need is half the battle.

My Top 5 Tips to Answer the Question, " How Do I Website?

  1. Discover what benefits your company needs a website.
  2. Determine what kind of website you need; not want.
  3. Create a website plan before you create website.
  4. Determine who your audience is.
  5. Over fulfill the needs of your website visitors.
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