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How do I make a website for free?

When someone asks me the question, “How do I make a website for free” I can tell they are not internet savvy yet. They are on their way because they asked the question.

It’s been my experience that getting a free website on the internet can sometimes come with strings attached.

Web Hosting companies usually have a motive by offering you a free website. There is nothing wrong with that. Everyone is in business to make money so there company will survive. Some of the motives may include getting you to eventually sign up for their web hosting services and that’s just good business sense.

 If you decide you want to try getting a free website look at all of the extra things you might have to do when you sign up for it. Read the agreement because you may disagree with the terms.

 The best place to get a website for free is through WordPress is an open source program that has thousands of talented programmers donating their skills to programming WordPress website's. The tools they offer are easy to use.

Adding new and open programs and plugins is open and anyone can contribute to the process.

Since it is an open source product, you will need to install the files on your web hosting server; which is not hard at all.

 A group called Automattic manages and they work closely with It’s the easiest way to go. Just follow the instruction.

In my experience, makes it easy to install WordPress for Free on their servers. You will have to pay for  the domain name and web hosting; the place where all of your files are kept. Here are the steps to use WordPress when you have web hosting with Godaddy.

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on the Hosting Tab
  3. Click on the green arrow next to your domain name.
  4. Click on the applications tab.
  5. Click on the blog link on the left.
  6. Click Install blog and follow instructions

You have two options as you install your blog.

  1. You can install your blog as your primary website which makes your website an official blog website.
  2. You can use the new website as an extension of your primary website as in;

Once you have installed your blog application, play around with each section until you are familiar with all of the amazing tools. You will them be able to answer the question, how do I make a website for free.

Don’t be intimidated by all of the buttons and gadgets one you’re inside. Play around them and learn what they do.

Check the plug-ins to see which ones you need to install. I’m sure you’ll need the Akismet key. It checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see weed out span to your website. You will need a API key to use it. It’s automatically mail to you when you sign up to use WordPress.

So the next time someone asks me the question “how do I make a website for free”?
I point them to WordPress for sure. One of the biggest negatives I see with other web hosting companies that offer a free website is being able to brand your website.

The domain names they offer end up with weird names like:

That’s a hard domain name to remember and tough to brand your site like a business like or or I’m a firm believer that main keywords of a website should be found somewhere in the name of your website.

How do I make a website for free is a question that you will be able to answer as you learn WordPress and share your knowledge with other who ask the same question.

5 Top Hot Tips to get a free website with no strings attached

  1. Use
  2. Determine If  your site will be a blog or an extension of your website.
  3. Look for short domain names.
  4. Use to easily install your blog.
  5. Learn all of the powerful tools that offers.
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