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Generic Top Level Domain


What is a Top Level Domain?

A top level domain, also called GTLD will soon be the talk of town where the internet is concerned. Current top level domain names consist of .com, .org, net and so forth which total twenty to in total.

Next is the second level which is the name of the website itself like; your domain name is the second level and .com is the first. A registered domain name is considered a unique first and second level domain name.

There are millions of name on the second level and fewer the two dozen at the top level and that’s all going to change. ICANN will soon allow the internet space expend top level domains new GTLD program. You will soon be able to choose a top level domain name of your choosing but it will cost. Why do it?

If your business runs it’s on Top Level Domain Name it will be able to have its own set of rules as how the GTLD will run. You can make it inclusive or exclusive; the choice will be at the discretion of the company.

You can sell second level domain registrations at a price you choose or not sell them at all. Maybe you issue them to employees of your company, or a special security service company, or a TLD in a native language like Japanese or Spanish.

What are the benefits of having a Top Level Domain name different from the current twenty to that currently exist?

  1. If you make your company brand a TLD, your customers might feel more confident that websites under your own company brand name are really you and feel more secure.
  2. It could mean better brand control for your business.
  3. New investment opportunities
  4. And a chance to show your leadership in internet technology.

Just as the first dot com boom was unpredicted, opening the way for new Top Level Domain Names has unlimited possibilities. No one knows what the next big dot thing will be.

Samples of Top Level Domain Names:

.region .private .culture .money
.brand .club .salsa .language

What this means for internet marketers and enthusiast is having more control over their own dot name. You’re not just registering a second level domain, you’re will own a piece of internet infrastructure. Operating a new TLD will take a substantial investment.

To apply for a generic top level domain will cost one hundred eighty five thousand US dollars. This means you need to be well capitalized to start and operate a new TLD business. It’s not a quick process.

The applications will go through a several month evaluation period. A new GTLD won’t be available until after a year after applications are first accepted. Operating a registry requires skill in a lot of business realms including, technical, legal, financial and marketing.

To investigate what new GTDL’s offer, it would be wise to get help from domain experts familiar with the process.

Your organization and application of a GTDL must pass through several check points. Learn more about the process of obtaining a New Top Level Domain from

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